Cape Town based photographer  - Inge Büchner

Inge Büchner has been a freelance photography based in the Southern Suburbs for the past 4 years.

Having had a keen interest in photography from a young age, Inge only purchased her first camera in 2008 and the bug bit from the first click of the camera. She went on to do a few courses through Cape Town School of Photography where after doing a few photo shoots for friends and soon after, friends of friends approaching her to do photo shoots for them, decided to start doing photography part time.

Inge’s focus is on capturing special moments within the photo shoot that often go unnoticed. Not only the posed photos, but also the natural details that often happen in between. This is where the word IMPRINT came from.

  1. impress or stamp (a mark or outline) on a surface.

Imprint a moment that may have been lost or forgotten transferred into an image (photo) to keep forever.